Healthy Sleep News

Sleep problems may foretell alcoholic relapse
Dec 16 06


Sleep tips helpful for new moms and infants
Dec 13 06


Sleepless in San Diego?
Dec 11 06


Sleep Problems Get in the Way of Alcohol Recovery
Dec 07 06


Learning During Sleep?
Dec 05 06


Fat children sleep better when they exercise
Nov 28 06


Sleep problems in overweight children appear fairly common
Nov 22 06


Infant massage may ease crying, sleep problems
Nov 18 06


Sleep Apnea Patients at Higher Risk for Deadly Heart Disease
Nov 14 06


Research Questions Use of Sleep Meds for Patients with Apnea
Nov 14 06


Massage may help tots sleep better
Nov 11 06


Insomnia common in adults: study
Nov 08 06


Scientists spot mechanism behind promising new sleep drug
Nov 01 06


Brief counseling aids older adults’ insomnia
Oct 27 06


Most US mothers don’t get enough sleep-study
Oct 19 06


Beat those bedtime battles with ‘sleep training’
Oct 16 06


Shift workers sleep better in a dark room
Oct 16 06


Resistance and genetic sensitivity to sleeping sickness
Oct 13 06


Caffeine more disruptive for daytime sleep
Oct 13 06


New sleeping pill not likely to be overused
Oct 12 06


“Sleep training” may lessen bedtime battles
Oct 11 06


Taking Viagra will worsen sleep apnea
Oct 05 06


Effects of New Sleep Medication Appear Unlikely to Have Potential for Abuse or Cognitive Impairment
Oct 03 06


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