Ending Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

A good night sleep is critical to re-charge your energy and bring you peace of mind and a feeling of peace and balance. Unfortunately, many people suffer fromsleep disorders. They take prescription drugs and herbal remedies and still have trouble sleeping.

What is the main cause of insomnia and sleep disorders? An energy body that is filled with negative energy. Where does this negative energy come from? It comes primarily from our negative beleifs, thoughts, acts and speech. it cmes from ongoing fear, anger, anxiety and worry n lur lives.  What happens to re-fresh the mind and body when you get a good night’s sleep?  When you sleep soundly, you draw in chi energy (life force energy) that re-energizes and repairs your mind, body and spirit. Chi energy is the greatest medicine of all. But, if you cannot sleep, you will not draw in sufficient amounts of chi energy for good health and happiness. If your energy body is blocked by negative energy, you will not sleep well. This will compind your energy body problem. Without a good nght’s sleep, you will not feel peaceful, calm and re-eenrgixed for life. Your energy body will not be able to adequately process and distribute chi energy. Medicine andherbal remedies do not contain chi energy. So, while they are necessary and good to battle depression and insomnia, they will never cure these disorders.

The best cure for insomnia and sleep disorders is a clean, healthy and vibrant energy body (aura, chakras and meridians), peace of mind, a positive belief system and positive thinking and a balanced mind, body and spirit.  Chi energy (life force energy) will flow into you naturally if your energy body is free of negative energy and is clean, healthy and vibrant.  If you are filled with negative energy, you are likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Generally speaking, the negative energy that afflicts you is generated by your own negative thoughts and intent. It also comes from the outside as a result of the traumas and stress of life. Negative energy blocks and damages our spiritual side (we are spiritual beings and physical beings at the same time). Negative energy compels negative thoughts, ruminations and spinning and running thoughts. Iyt causes us to snap and over-react. It also causes us obsess and blow events and situations out of proportion and makes us paranoid. In this way, negative energy causes us to generate more and more negative energy and get less and less sound sleep.

Negative energy is low vibration energy. It consumes our life force energy and fills our energy bodies with low vibrations. The low vibrations and lack of energy that come from low vibration, negative energy causes us to feel angry, depressed and low. It depletes our energy and leaves us listless. It impairs our self esteem and self confidence. Low vibration, negative energy brings us emotional and physical pain (often lower back pain).

Negative energy drains our life force energy and leaves us feeling listless, negative and depressed. We may blame others for the negative energy in our lives.  But,  we are primarily responsible for it. Generally speaking, our negative energy comes from (i) our own negative thoughts, acts, speech and emotions, (ii) our negative reaction to stress factors, (iii) our acts and speech intended to harm or deceive others, (iv) our holding onto painful and negative memories, (v) our failure to enjoy life and make ourselves happy each day and (vi) anger, fear, hatred, guilt, low self esteem, etc. We cannot expect to sleep well, if we fill our lives with negativity from our own thoughts and behavior.

We cannot expect to sleep well if we hold onto hate and grudges, worries and fears and guilt and do not feel that we are miracles of creation and life and nature are amazing. We cannot expect to sleep well if we have a negative mind-set. We cannot sleep well when we are consumed by anger, fear, jealousy, hate, guilt and/orlow self esteem .  We owe it to ourselves to work for internal happiness, peace of mind and balance before anything else. This is self-love. We owe it to ourselves to shut off negative thoughts and adopt a positive mind-set and belief system. This is self-love and without self-love, we will not find happiness.

First and foremost, get Reiki cleansing and healing. This will clean out exisitn negative energy form our energy body and repair it. Then going forward you must learn to be mindful of your thoughts, speech and acts and keep them positive and kind. Work at staying positive and happy. Reiki is a very simple, gentle and effective. A reiki practitioner will transmit universal life-force energy (chi) into your through hands-on or distance healing. Reiki is used for healing in a broader sense: the healing of the body, emotions, mind and spiritual healing and growth. The word reiki is composed of two Japanese characters: rei and ki. Rei can be translated to mean ‘universal’. Ki is the same s chi and means life- force energy or white light. It is this white light energy that we draw in naturally when we sleep well. The two characters, rei and ki, together express the coming together of mind, body, spirit and soul. This coming together is necessary to defeat depression,anxiety, insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Through visualization and daily calming and white light meditation and prayer from the heart (spirituality), let go of the grip of negativity from the past and worry about the future and find inner peace. Learn to just be. Be conscious of negative thoughts and stop them as soon as they occur. This is called conscious mindfulness. Negative thoughts generate negative energy that will undermine your ability to sleep well. Give yourself the gift of living life in joy. Make time for yourself each day. Give yourself the gift of just being, just living in the moment and celebrating the miracle of you, life and nature. For a good night sleep, you must be happy and grateful inside and find peace of mind and happiness inside – enjoy life no matter what happens to you.

Do not dwell on the negative. Let go of the negative – guilt, fear, anger, burdens, hate, grudges, etc. Forgive yourself and love yourself (i.e., give yourself the gift of peace of mind and happiness each day) .  Negative energy also comes from external sources as well. If you do not adequately protect yourself from negative energy and stop generating it by your thoughts, acts and speech, your energy body will get damaged, drained and filled with negative energy. Avoid negative and toxic people and build strong boundaries with them. They are a primary external source of negative energy and energy drainage. Avoid conflict and drama as much as possible.  They generate negative energy that will drain your energy and give you negative thoughts. Let the negativity of others pass through you without angry or fearful reaction.

If you get angry or afraid or stressed-out, take a few minutes to do deep breathing and calming meditation to get rid of the same and the engative energy these emotions gnerate. Be more Zen-like. Control your anger. Do not re-act to provocations. Anger leads to low emotions and depression. Anger generates a huge amount of low vibration negative energy that will make you feel low and depressed. It keeps you stewing in negative thoughts unless you let go. Make your inner peace and happiness the most important priority to you. Forgive, forget, detach and let go of the negative so you do not geenrate engative energy that will block your neergy body. Be mindful of your thoughts and reactions. Control them to preserve your energy, peace and happiness and to not create negative energy blockages.

Do not intentionally hurt or deceive others. Do not dwell on the negative. Do not dwell on your mistakes or faults.  Negative thoughts, speech, acts and beliefsl generate negative energy that will damage and drain your own energy body.

When you get angry, find a quiet place and do some calming meditations. Close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out. Imagine you are breathing in white light as pure unconditional love deep into your lungs and exhaling all anger, fear and negativity as black smoke. Do this over and over and say with each in breath either “Re” or “Let,” and with each out breath either “Lax.” Or “Go” (i.e., relax or let go). Keep your eyes closed and shift your consciousness into your heart chakra (put your hand over your heart and imagine you are a bubble of energy in your head; now shift that bubble down into you’re your heart- stay there for now). Just relax without thought. Get to an empty and peaceful state. Focus only on your breaths and that should drive out thoughts.  Another calming meditation: visualize you are in the middle of the ocean on a bright day. The blue sky is above you. You are floating on your back in the middle of the ocean. There is no land anywhere – only blue sky and blue ocean and it is hard to tell where one begins and the other ends. Just stay in this meditation until you are totally calm. If you feel low, shift into your ehart and imagine your heart as a bright sun. Now push out all that white light from your heart and body cneter all through and out your body. Clasp your hands when you do this. This will shake off negative energy form negative encounters.

Carry high vibration and calming crystals in your left pocket – i.e., citrine, fluoride and angel light. These will help keep you in a high vibration and feeling calm. Send out love as visualized white light to others and the Universe form your heart center. All this will amplify the vibration of your own energy body and burn off low vibration negative energy.

To sleep well and end depression, you must cleanse yourself of negative energy and find peace and happiness inside yourself. You must rid yourself and your home of negative energy. For the most part, you can do this by becoming positive, compassionate, spiritual and happy. Shift your consciousness to your heart and out of your head (and your thoughts) and just live, just be. Live each moment of life with full engagement and participation in the moment (without thinking about the future or the past as the moments pass you by). Put your hand over your heart and do regular meditation and prayer from your heart (the greatest prayer of all is to thank the Creator for life and its blessings). Each day say the following affirmation: “I am happy, peaceful and serene, I am a miracle of creation, so loved by the Creator and the Universe and so happy to be alive.” Gently smile.

Visualize that you are a being of pure white light when you say this affirmation with a blazing white sun for your heart center. Hold citrine in your hands when you do white light meditation to achieve a higher vibration of your energy body. Lie down or sit down with your feet up and breathe in visualized white light in long breaths through your nose and visualize white light coming into you from above your head and fill up your head and body. Do the same thing with the color green.

Center and ground yourself in meditation. To center and ground yourself, close your eyes and get relaxed Then visualize white light stream into you as beams of white light from your head through the soles of your feet and into the ground. At the same time, visualize white light come into you from the ground up as beams of white light, from the soles of your feet through the crown of your head. Ground yourself by visualizing light beams shoot out the soles of your feet and go deeply into the ground to anchor you to the earth. Detach from and let go of the past and the grip of negative people and people who hurt you. Through energy healing and visualization, you will detach yourself from them. Feel peace and calm inside.  Smile. You are a beautiful being of bright white light, a miracle of creation and so loved by the Creator and the Universe.

As you achieve higher and higher vibrations through visualized white light from the inside out and from the outside in, these high vibrations will burn off, shake off and repel negative energy that is inside you (negative energy is low vibration energy) and deliver you a clean, healthy, intact and vibrant energy body when combined with Reiki healing. By achieving higher and higher vibrations, you will shake, off, burn off and repel negative energy and feel happy, peaceful and alive inside.

As a Reiki master, I have also found the following steps are most effective for sleep:

Get reiki and energy healing on a regular basis to remove negative energy from your energy body and re-charge and infuse your energy body with chi energy and get rid of physical and emotional pain. Get regular massages to remove negative energy and toxins from your physical body. If you are anxious take holy basil to calm yourself. Do calming meditation for at least five or ten minutes before sleep. Calming meditation includes meditating on the color light blue (visualize the sky) or a large body of water (visualize that you are floating on your back in the middle of the ocean on a beautiful day – so the sky is light blue and the ocean is light blue). Take deep cleansing breaths with your eyes closed before you go into this meditation. Breathe in visualized white light as goodness and unconditional love and breathe out all stress as visualized black smoke. Let go of all negativity and just relax. Say to yourself “Let” with each in breath and “Go” with each exhalation. Put your hand over your heart and shift your consciousness into your heart and stop thinking. Just breathe, relax and be. Put yourself into a pre-sleep state of consciousness through meditation. When you do calming meditation before sleep, hold a combination of citrine and fluoride or angel light crystals in your hands Take a salt bath before sleep –get a box of sea salt or kosher salt and pour it into your bath liberally; use lavender soap and/or essential oil in your bath. Scrub your skin with a wash cloth or pumice and visualize that you are scrubbing off all negative energy that comes off you, into the bath water and down the drain. Put holy water in your bath too. Put gentle music on in your home and read and watch light movies before sleep, burn incense, light candles, turn down the lights and turn off the news – the news is a major source of negative energy and there is not much you can do about it anyway (pray for peace and happiness in the world. Before sleep, say a prayer asking the Divine to give you a good night sleep and protect you from all negative energy while you sleep Visualize that you are surrounded by pure white light and that it repels all negative energy. Lie down and have someone send you remote/long distance reiki – visualized white light from their heart chakra as unconditional love (this will help relax you) Make sure your house and your bedroom re clean and free of clutter. Burn sage and spread sage smoke in your home and bedroom regularly to remove negative energy from your home and bedroom. Put smoky quartz crystals near the head of your bed or under your pillow. Fill cups with salt and put these cups in front of all energy portals in your home – on window sills and in front of mirrors and computers – salt will protect your home and bedroom from external sources of negative energy. Put clear quartz crystals, citrine and amethyst around your home to promote a positive vibration in your home and use other crystals such as black tourmaline, hematite or jet to repel or absorb negative energy.


Michael E. Goldberg is a Reiki master and life coach and author of End of Mood Disorders and The Road to Happiness

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