Insomnia Pharmacologic Treatment
Oct 12 06

Pharmacologic Treatment
The use of sedative-hypnotics in the elderly population must be approached with caution. Because of changes in metabolic and elimination rates, the lowest effective dose must be used. The specific…


Insomnia Treatment and Management
Oct 12 06

Treatment and Management
As many factors may contribute to the insomnia complaint, identifying and treating the underlying cause is the key for a successful outcome. If insomnia is caused by a…


Insomnia Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis
Oct 12 06

Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis
Unlike the specific sleep disorders already discussed, a sleep recording in the sleep clinic is usually not warranted for complaints of insomnia because insomnia may not…


Insomnia Risk Factors
Oct 12 06

Risk Factors
Long-term or chronic insomnia may be caused by chron-ic medical conditions, such as cerebrovascular disease, arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and neurologic disorders. The pain and discomfort associated with these…


Insomnia Definition and Prevalence
Oct 12 06

Definition and Prevalence
Unlike SDB, PLMS, or RBD, insomnia is not considered a sleep disorder in itself, but rather a complaint of insufficient and nonrestorative sleep. There are several possible causes…

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