Support for sleeping in? Half of parents favor later school start times for teens
Feb 16 15


Sleep problems may impact bone health
Feb 03 15


Infants create new knowledge while sleeping
Jan 29 15


Flexible work schedules improve health, sleep
Jan 26 15


Sleep tight and stay bright? Better sleep in younger years may aid memory in old age
Jan 23 15


Insomnia increases risk of motor vehicle deaths, other fatal injuries
Nov 02 14


No sedative necessary: Scientists discover new “sleep node” in the brain
Sep 21 14


Could strenuous exercise at night mean better sleep?
Jul 03 14


New research shows link unlikely between insomnia symptoms and high blood pressure
Jun 25 14


Sleep researchers at SRI International identify promising new treatment for narcolepsy
May 07 14


‘Exploding head syndrome’ - a real but overlooked sleep disorder
May 07 14


Wen Dan Tang improves insomnia-related anxiety
Mar 31 14


Sleep may stop chronic pain sufferers from becoming ‘zombies’
Mar 27 14


Scientists identify the switch that says it’s time to sleep
Feb 19 14


Patients with spinal cord injuries should be assessed for sleep apnea
Jan 15 14


Web, videoconference insomnia therapies show promise
Jan 10 14


New study finds upper-airway electronic stimulation effective for obstructive sleep apnea
Jan 08 14


Want a good night’s sleep in the new year? Quit smoking
Jan 03 14


Social ties more important than biology when it comes to teen sleep problems
Dec 05 13


Insomnia Linked to Mortality Risk
Nov 20 13


Sleep ‘cleans’ the brain of toxins
Oct 20 13


Sleeping in on the weekends doesn’t fix all the deficits caused by workweek sleep loss
Oct 09 13


Douglas Institute researchers identify the neural circuits that modulate REM sleep
Oct 02 13


Sleeping too little - or too much - associated with heart disease, diabetes, obesity
Oct 02 13


Calming fear during sleep
Sep 23 13


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