CPAP therapy provides beauty sleep for people with sleep apnea
Sep 13 13


Dreaming is still possible even when the mind is blank
Sep 12 13


Hibernating lemurs hint at the secrets of sleep
Sep 04 13


Brain imaging study reveals the wandering mind behind insomnia
Aug 31 13


Study reveals the face of sleep deprivation
Aug 31 13


Use of sleeping pills highest among older Americans: CDC
Aug 30 13


New surgical tool may help sleep apnea sufferers, Wayne State research finds
Aug 27 13


Putting sleep disorders to bed
Aug 22 13


Poor sleep tied to kids’ lower academic performance
Aug 17 13


Estée Lauder clinical trial finds link between sleep deprivation and skin aging
Jul 24 13


13 Infant Deaths Tied to Sleep Positioners
Jul 21 13


‘Back to sleep’ does not affect baby’s ability to roll
Jun 03 13


Researchers identify a potential new risk for sleep apnea: Asthma
May 20 13


Study links diet with daytime sleepiness and alertness in healthy adults
May 08 13


Sound stimulation during sleep can enhance memory
Apr 11 13


Study of insomnia finds a new predictor for suicidal thoughts
Feb 15 13


Reviewing alcohol’s effects on normal sleep
Jan 23 13


Poor sleep can leave romantic partners feeling unappreciated
Jan 20 13


Fighting sleep: UGA discovery may lead to new treatments for deadly sleeping sickness
Jan 17 13


Fighting sleeping sickness with X-ray lasers
Dec 21 12


Drug may aid sleep apnea symptoms at high altitude
Dec 11 12


Women with sleep apnea have higher degree of brain damage than men, UCLA study shows
Dec 04 12


U.S. kids getting recommended amount of sleep: study
Nov 27 12


Inpatient sleeping drug quadrupled fall risk
Nov 19 12


Sleep problems cost billions
Nov 02 12


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