Implantable device cuts obstructive sleep apnea symptoms
Jun 11 16


Sleep loss detrimental to blood vessels
Apr 22 16


Trouble sleeping? The size of your tongue and tonsils could be why
Mar 09 16


More than one-third of perimenopausal women develop insomnia
Oct 14 15


New symptom may help ID sleep apnea in older women
Sep 02 15


The timing of sleep just as important as quantity
Sep 01 15


Men, people over 65 sleep better when they have access to nature
Aug 24 15


Study finds that genetic ancestry partially explains 1 racial sleep difference
Aug 22 15


Can I get some sleep? Hospital tests sound panels to reduce noise
Aug 17 15


REM sleep critical for young brain development; medication interferes
Jul 06 15


New Recommendations to Achieve Healthy Sleep
Jul 02 15


Study suggests that a causal pathway may link job stress and sleep disturbances
Jun 30 15


Lack of sleep affects long-term health
Jun 16 15


American Thoracic Society issues recommendations on healthy sleep
Jun 15 15


Twitter data may help shed light on sleep disorders
Jun 11 15


Risk for sleep disorders among college freshmen may predict retention, success
Jun 10 15


People at risk of hoarding disorder may have serious complaints about sleep
Jun 08 15


Eating less during late night hours may stave off some effects of sleep deprivation
Jun 04 15


The less you sleep, the more you eat
Jun 01 15


Sleep quality influences the cognitive performance of autistic and neurotypical children
May 29 15


Workplace intervention improves sleep of employees’ children
May 22 15


Study shows that children sleep better when they have a nightly bedtime routine
May 07 15


Study links insomnia to impaired work performance in night shift workers
Apr 27 15


Natural sleep cycles identified in rural community - new study finds
Mar 18 15


Brain waves predict our risk for insomnia
Mar 11 15


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